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Laura is a very passionate health and exercise professional with her role as both a PT and nutritionist she pushes everyone to achieve their goals. Her nutrition knowledge is very extensive and her nutrition plans have flexibility and many options to cater for everyone!

Alana Blakemore

Laura O'Driscoll is an amazing person, not only is she a leader in the fitness industry, she is also an expert nutritionist.  I had gotten to know Laura through firstly as a trainer/coach then as a nutritionist.  She is a very focussed young lady and already holds a wealth of knowledge around nutrition.  The great thing I really enjoyed about Laura's meal plans was that they were simple, they met my needs and they were so do able.  Laura is in tune with innovative ways of making arduous meal prep time a simple and enjoyable task.  She took into account not only my needs, but also able to incorporate my family meals. A quality that Laura shows and she does this without even trying is that she is respectful and caring to all of her clients. Her hard work and dedication to her profession makes her a unique nutritionist/coach/trainer.  I found Laura to be incredibly responsive to my ongoing needs.  She guided me through to a major success in one of my health goals, by helping me become the F45 Rototuna Studio winner in a 6 Week Challenge. I will be forever grateful to Laura for helping me achieve this milestone.  I am continuing to smash my health goals, with advice from Laura.

Jimmy Heta

After I had my consultation with Laura to look at my nutrition I came away with lots of very valuable information. Once I put that into practice I managed to shed another 10kgs in my 45 day training program. She comes highly recommended by me!

Nathan Timoko

Prior to the nutrition plan and guidance, I always tried to eat healthy in my daily life, but in an improper way. I overlooked the portion and macros intake in the diet. However, with the nutrition plan and guidance from Laura, I am truly happy to see my transformation in terms of diet and physical appearance. With some simple yet nutritious recipes provided, it is a very good guideline for me to achieve my goal in fat loss. Looking back at my old photos, I feel more confident in my appearance with my transformation since I joined F45 in June 2020. Now, I feel stronger physically and mentally.

Yiqin Lee

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