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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don't want to video call?

No problem! We can discuss everything over email, text or phone call. It is entirely up to you.

Can I do a one off plan?

Absolutely! We have options for one off plans or you can subscribe to get a weekly or monthly plan. However, if you do a one off plan, it is not recommended to use it for weeks on end, as you are making changes to your nutrition your caloric needs will also change, this is why we recommend multiple plans to keep you on track to reach your goals.

Do you accomodate for fussy eaters?

Of course! We like to accomodate our plans to suit you. Whether you are fussy or not. We take into account what you like and don't like and make sure your plan is best suited to you so that you can still enjoy foods you love!

Have you had many success stories?

Yes, we love hearing feedback from our clients on their progress. We do encourage clients to be patient, it is not an overnight fix. We are trying to promote healthier lifestyles and help individuals to become more aware around nutrition. Check out our testimonials tab for more client reviews!

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